In the realm of corporate success, acknowledging and celebrating the hard work and dedication of employees is paramount. RDS Hospitality and Brand Advisors understand this essence and have masterfully crafted incentive travel programs that transcend mere rewards, delivering unparalleled experiences to honor employee achievements. Led by Roy Schindele, an avid traveler who has explored over 50 countries across all continents, RDS offers a unique touch to incentive travel, curating exceptional journeys that leave indelible memories.

A Legacy of Unique Experiences:

Roy Schindele’s extensive global travels have bestowed upon him a wealth of experiential knowledge. With this profound understanding, he can artfully tailor incentive travel adventures to match individual needs, desires, and budgets. An exemplar of this expertise is evident in RDS’s collaboration with ACT America, led by Mr. June Yoshikawa in the USA and Mr. Hiro Fuji in Japan. In 2005, RDS orchestrated the inaugural journey of what is now affectionately known as “Team Japan”. This endeavor has continued unfailingly for 18 years, a testament to the extraordinary nature of the experience provided.

The Allure of “Team Japan”:

The annual rendezvous of “Team Japan” is a showcase of RDS’s dedication to crafting truly unique incentive travel. This March, the team is set to arrive once more at the illustrious Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge. This eventful excursion is more than just a trip; it’s an opportunity to participate in the Pro-Am, a precursor to the Arnold Palmer Invitational PGA Tournament. Being alongside the world’s top PGA players is a golfing enthusiast’s dream, and RDS makes this dream a reality.

Global Excellence, One Experience at a Time:

The story of “Team Japan” is just one glimpse into the world of RDS Hospitality and Brand Advisors’ incentive travel programs. From the farthest reaches of the globe to the most renowned destinations, RDS creates tailor-made journeys that redefine the concept of rewards. With Roy Schindele’s unparalleled insights and the team’s commitment to excellence, every journey becomes a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

In the realm of employee recognition, RDS Hospitality and Brand Advisors have redefined the art of rewarding. Their incentive travel programs, curated with Roy Schindele’s global experiences, offer a level of authenticity and luxury that resonates deeply. As “Team Japan” prepares to set foot once again on the greens of Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge, the world is reminded that RDS’s commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences knows no bounds.