Project Description

During our time at Mission Inn, we were responsible for rebranding and transforming the property into a world-class golf resort and country club, hosting an annual global LPGA EPSON tournament. We developed and implemented electronic branding, marketing, and sales initiatives to give the company a professional image, attracting a wider customer base and generating new leads. We also trained and coached the sales department to handle increased volume without increasing payroll. Thanks to our strategies, we were able to adapt to market changes during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue generating demand, resulting in a 20% increase in hotel occupancy and golf rounds compared to pre-pandemic levels. Leveraging social media, PPC, SEO, and other marketing techniques, we contributed to high customer retention and satisfaction, setting the company up for long-term growth and record annual revenue for all profit centers.”

Project Details

Project date 18 Jan 2018
Delivery time 2 weeks
Personal 3 advisors
Skills level Advanced
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